Tourist Attractions in Anglesea


Famous Tourist Attractions in Anglesea: The Twelve Apostles

Famous Tourist Attractions in Anglesea, Victoria

Anglesea is known not just for its magnificent beaches and good water to surf but also for their annual riverbank market, the Golf lawns that are known worldwide, the kangaroo residents, the wildlife and its breath taking scenery. Anglesea is the one vacation destination where you will find a lot of things to do and places to visit.

Here are attractions you may want to visit to make your travel more memorable:

Anglesea Golf Club

Other than its beautiful landscape, it is also famous for the Eastern Grey kangaroos that reside within the course grazing on its luscious, green grass and avid onlookers on every game. The kangaroos roaming around the course instantly became a hit for tourists both local and International.

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Anglesea is known for its untainted natural environment and wildlife found on the Geelong Otway Region. Wildlife tours are available so people may explore the wetlands, dry woodlands and coastal beaches of Anglesea. Varying species of birds inhabits this region. A must-see for nature lovers and bird enthusiasts.

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Point Addis Marine National Park

From watching the different birds in Geelong Otway you may want to proceed to watch the well kept marine environment in Bells Beach Road. This Marine National Park is along the coastline of Victoria and is exposed to the strong waves that come from the SouthWest ocean. The waves not only helped shape the coastal landforms in this environment but also the plants and other animals living in this area. Rocky reefs can also be found in this park making it not just a calming view to behold but also a good place to dive.

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Tour Along the Great Ocean Road

Traveling along the Great Ocean Road always proves to be one that will take your breath away. The majestic view of its natural green surroundings, clear-blue sea water, complemented by the sun never fails to awe visitors from any part of the world. Tours are available locally and it can also be arranged ahead of time. If a car is available, then you can go on a drive following the Great Ocean Road which proves to be very scenic being on the coastline and providing access to The Twelve Apostles which are limestone stacks located offshore.

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The Twelve Apostles (Port Campbell National Park)

Found in Port Campbell, the Twelve Apostles is a collection of eight limestone rock stacks that is up to 45 meters high. The Great Ocean Road is traversed with limestones and sandstones; the formation of the apostles were from erosion of these limestones. It is part of the Port Campbell National Park. The distance of these rocks to each other is what made it popular among tourists. Other attractions that are included in the Port Campbell National Park are London Arch, Loch Ard Gorge, The Grotto, and the Gibson Steps; all were formed from erosion.

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